Mission, Motivation, and Process


At Hope Beyond Borders, our vision is an inspiring picture of a future reality where children living in under-resourced communities live more whole and healthy lives.

One of our Board members stated it this way, “Kids are not having the same experience in the land.” Our envisioned future is for children born in under-resourced communities to be offered the needed services and supports available to children in well-resourced communities; so that lack of resources doesn’t inhibit them from reaching their God given potential.


At HBB we train local leaders to establish sustainable, faith-based programs that build hope for under-resourced youth and their communities.


A BHAG is a “big hairy audacious goal” that encapsulates the vivid description of our envisioned future and is linked back to our core purpose.

Our 2025 BHAG is to be a leading U.S. based non-profits for incubating and launching programs in under-resourced urban in international communities in 3+ continents, having launched into “network” over 10 comprehensive sustainable programs each with a 95+% success rate of participants entering into college or trade school.


Our staff members and volunteers are highly exceptional people committed to professional development, including the cross-cultural competencies needed to establish authentic relationships with those they will be working or partnering with. The ability of our staff and volunteers to work beyond their own cultural and socio-economic borders is the foundation to healthy partnerships and a significant factor in the long term sustainability of the programs we incubate and launch.

Development across racial and socio-economic lines without reconciliation exacerbates crisis of identity, pride and paternalism. Being different together is the soil for a creative solutions in developing under-resourced communities.

So our people understand that to be a participant in developing under-resourced communities requires a growing understanding of the complex reasons for their own economic poverty or the poverty of another, and a growing passion to humbly seek reconciliation and justice with the other; together.



We’ve learned a lot, but we have a lot more to learn. We consider the culmination of our work to be the steady and consistent planting of mustard seeds; small contributions toward establishing more just communities that when watered and given time, provide hope and measurable outcomes for youth and their communities.

If you had a birds eye view of an under-resourced community where HBB is operating you would see programs that are led by the community but collaborating with partners outside the community. As you ventured closer to the ground you would also notice our programs working with children from early in their development through college or vocational placement. And when you ventured to ground level and listened to our participant’s stories you would hear them share about how their once elusive dreams are now becoming obtainable goals through God’s enduring love demonstrated through the faithfulness of others.

And if you got even closer, you just might find yourself having a strange and growing passion for reconciliation and justice… and an irresistible urge join our team!



We are currently working with leaders in a community without electricity in northern Zambia who are using batteries, a laptop, an internet card and google docs. Income and expense reports, copies of receipts, forecasting tools and strategic planning templates are all shared and updated from a small hut without electricity.

We believe “supportive services” should not be disconnected from the mentoring process with the leaders and programs we launch, and are committed to offering reliable, transferable and adaptable tools and services to best meet the changing needs of our growing programs.

We offer the following important supportive services to all of the programs we launch: Assistance with raising personal and program support, HR services to handle payroll and taxes, guidance in establishing organizational structure and operations, ongoing financial counsel, customized systems to measure program outcomes, and accountability structures to ensure program leaders and their teams remain within the ethical and legal boundaries of what is permitted by HBB as a faith-based organization and the law. In addition, we offer assistance with establishing a programs incorporation and securing its NGO or 501(C) 3 status.



We are committed to financial accountability and transparency with the programs we are launching, and with our donors. Our administrative fee for our programs continues to remain approximately 50% less than market averages with other non-profit organizations. This is in part due to our leadership team’s commitment to raise funding to keep overhead and training costs at a minimum.
In addition, HBB orchestrates the sharing of services (office, internet, etc.) between local programs whenever possible allowing the maximum percentage of donor giving to go directly to the needs of the people that our programs serve.