Programs are provided the following services while going through the HBB process:

  • HBB’s Non-Profit status to operate under
  • Payroll Services
  • Program Policy Development
  • Customized Strategic Planning Tools
  • Customized Forecasting Tools and Budget Reviews


Each Program Executive Director is assigned a professional coach who meets with the Executive Director once a month to help guide them through the challenging process of incubating, stabilizing and launching a sustainable program. 


HBB provides professional workshops that guide our program leadership teams through the process of incubating, stabilizing, and launching their program.

  • Creating your Vision Story
  • Core Values and Mission
  • Creating a Strategic Plan (Logic Model)
  • Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Financial Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Assessment, Gap Analysis and Planning Priorities
  • Legal and Strategic Plan for Launch


Creating your Vision Story

This workshop will help your team establish an inspiring picture of a future reality for the community you are impacting and the organization you will become.

Core Values and Purpose Statement

Identify your core values and determine your preliminary mission statement will align your team and help clearly articulate to others the “why, who, what, where and how” of what you are doing.


Cross-Cultural Competency

Working on a team can have its challenges, but working cross-culturally has additional blessings and challenges. This workshop will help your team discover some of the necessary tools and techniques for thriving on a cross-cultural team and in a cross-cultural context.


Financial Forecasting and Budget

Learn the importance of financial forecasting and use HBB’s financial forecasting template to learn how to create a one year forecasted budget with comparative P&L and balance sheets.

Strategic Plan with Logic Model

Discover how to create a Logic Model strategic plan that includes goals, objectives, action steps, short and long term inputs and outputs. The logic model is an ideal tool for team alignment and grant applications.


Learn the basics of strategic fundraising and walk through the details of establishing a successful fundraising banquet.

Grant Writing

Discover the basics of developing grant applications, and attend a basic training at the Chester County Library on their online “Foundation Directory.”


Assessment, Gap Analysis, and Planning Priorities

Using the SWOT exercise and HBB’s gap analysis assessment tool, this workshop will help you identify the “missing or weak” areas of your program and the needed steps to fill in or strengthen your organizational gaps prior to or post launch.

Legal and Strategic Plan for Launch

HBB’s lawyer will walk through the legal steps needed to incorporate and establish a 501c3 and develop a provisional time-line for launch with your team. HBB’s lawyer and Executive Director will then walk with you through the process of “launching into network.”


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