Advancing educational equity

in under-resourced communities.

our mission is to Train local leaders to establish sustainable, faith-based educational programs that build hope for under-resourced youth and their communities.

Cradle To Career

Establish educational pipelines that span each stage of a child’s development to ensure the highest likelihood of college or career placement.

Collaborative, but Community-Led

Assist local leaders to develop the skills necessary to lead the programs and establish partnerships that best strengthen their community.


Advocate for communities trapped in economic poverty to have access to supportive services afforded to well-resourced communities.


Encourage everyone involved to consider our collective call to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.”

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If you are a visionary who could use training and support to launch faith-based educational programing for under-resourced youth and their community, or love what we do and want to help out

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Steve Wilson, Founder/CEO

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